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INTEGRIS Manufacturing Transparent
Custom Manufacturing and Assembly
– Applying the necessary attention to low volume and high value solutions

Barge Spout
– Keeping grain flowing one barge at a time

– Utilizing our vast manufacturing network to select the right supplier

– Your ideas come to life
INTEGRIS Engineering Transparent

Product Development
– Developing real-world solutions that satisfy business needs

– Building confidence in a complex world

– Solutions that work in a tangible world

– The right foundation to build on

INTEGRIS Automation Transparent
Automation Development
– Process to ensure that business needs are satisfied

– Bringing visibility and confidence to making business decisions
Industrial Controls
– Smooth operation and increased uptime for manufacturing processes

Industrial Robotics 
– Increasing efficiency and reducing the number of unfilled job openings

Industrial IT
– Bridging the gap between office and plant systems

About Us

INTEGRIS Group began with a need. A need to develop solutions that satisfy business needs. A need for collaboration. A need for results, not just labor. A need to break out of the norm and challenge convention. There is a time for off the shelf and a time for more. INTEGRIS works hard to provide the correct solution for the need at hand. We love to win.

INTEGRIS Group is a development company. Whether it’s developing products, processes, or automation, the approach is the same. Define the business need and technical requirements and put the appropriate pieces together to satisfy both. INTEGRIS is able to execute an entire program or any step of the process. We work closely with our customers and suppliers. The secret is teamwork.

INTEGRIS Group is an extension of our customer’s organization. Through collaboration and teamwork, we accomplish more. We incorporate diversity in thought and disciplines. Utilize world class best practices, hardware, and software. Ultimately, we strive to enjoy what we do and make the world better. That’s why we love engineering.

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